Type of wallcovers

Type of wallcovers

Since the firs day man staretd to build shelter, he has considered decorating his living space specially walls which has led to the innovation of various wall covers.Generally, wall covers are divided into two categories:
External wallcovers
This type of wallcovers have to be very resistant interms of sustainability and mush have proper resistant against enviromental factors such as direct sunlight, rainfull and erosion.Instances of this type of wall covers are: brick, cement, stone, glass, composite sheets, ... . In addition to resistance aesthetic aspects have to be considered in using external wallcovers. This is achieved by combining these wallcovers.
Internal wallcovers
we observe great diversity in this part because there are fewer erosive factors, but there are more tastes.This diversity hascaused intense competenncy among manufacturers and designers , so their products have led to the creation of new and specific materials of common internal wallcovers we can mention to :
Paint:This material has long been used and almostas a supplementary for plaster of its features we may pointto ease of implementation, reasonable price, high variability , resistance against moisture and dust, ... . On the other hand there are some weak points such as lack of insulation againstsound and temperature and non-resistance against. Paints are divided in to two goups: plastic paints and oil paints.
Plastic paints : these are water-based solvents and far cheaper than oil-based paints and more easily applied, but with low resistance to moisture, its cleaning is difficult have more applied on ceilings.
Oil paints : the solvent of this type of paints is thinner, therefore they are resistant to moisture and dust and more durable aompared to plastic paints.
Of course, the odor of thinner is bothering, to fix this problem today, multi-color paints are used in which thinner solvent is not used any more but they have the advantages of both paint groups.
Wooden wallcovers: using wood as a wall cover is as old as the construction of the first wooden cottage.Because of its color, design and pattern, wood gives special peace and security to the space. But today, due to the high price and to protect the environment, arificial woods such as HDF, MDF, ... or pvc wall covers with natural or artificial covers are used. This type of wall covers is insulated to sound and temperature and resistant to impact and easily installed without the need for specific infrastructure.
Stone wallcovers: these wallcovers are of the type that are used in the instrution industry very much and dueto their variety in design and color and texture they are used very often. Stones withlow thickness and greater variety like amtique stones, diamond clips, salty acid and ... are commonly used in the interior spaces.
Cellulose wall covers: This type is widely available in the market with diffrent brand names and almostused in most places.Cellulose wall covers are basically formed of synthetic fibers-cellulose- special resins and resistant pigments.We can mention to quick and complete coverage, various design and colors, sound and temperature insulation as their chavacteristics.
Wallpaper; As a decorative material wallpaper has long been used and now its being used in many cases.In addition to traditional designs, wallpapers are also produced in the designs of wood, cloth, stone, brick and mural.Before installation, an adthe sive layer is applied on most wallpaper types.Wallpaper are produced in different qualities and grades in rolls of 500 to 900 mm width and 3.20 area. There are some type that can be cleaned.  

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